Itay Hen

Energetic Cost of Superadiabatic Quantum Computation

TitleEnergetic Cost of Superadiabatic Quantum Computation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsI. B. Coulamy, A. C. Santos, I. Hen, and M. S. Sarandy
JournalFrontiers in ICT

We discuss the energetic cost of superadiabatic models of quantum computation. Specifically, we investigate the energy-time complementarity in general transitionless controlled evolutions and in shortcuts to the adiabatic quantum search over an unstructured list. We show that the additional energy resources required by superadiabaticity for arbitrary controlled evolutions can be minimized by using probabilistic dynamics, so that the optimal success probability is fixed by the choice of the evolution time. In the case of analog quantum search, we show that the superadiabatic approach induces a non-oracular counter-diabatic Hamiltonian, with the same energy-time complexity as equivalent adiabatic implementations.