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I recently purchased a Lenovo X1 Yoga, Generation 3 to run Fedora Linux (F27). This is my third Yoga.



Overall: Disappointing to have suspend and resume problems resume after many years, but they seem to be basically under control.

Work-Around for Suspend/Resume Mouse and Keyboard Problems

These changes were sufficient to work-around the mouse problems I observed:

# If we are running mouse, shutdown running instances cleanly and
# bring them back up on resume.


case "$1" in
        sleep 1
        echo -n none > /sys/devices/platform/i8042/serio1/drvctl
        echo -n reconnect > /sys/devices/platform/i8042/serio1/drvctl
    *) exit $NA

For the keyboard problems, I think they’re related to automatic keyboard disable for tablet mode. The laptop will disable the keyboard when you yoga-the machine into tablet setting, with the screen 360 degress from the keyboard. It seems to get confused about what mode it’s in on resume. The work-around is to move the screen between 180 and 90 degress and the device will reactivate the keyboard.


I don’t know about the status of FreeBSD on this hardware as of July 2018.

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