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I recently purchased a Lenovo X200s to run Linux based on my happy experience with the Lenovo X60s and Lenovo X61s

General impressions: Great laptop. Bigger (wider) screen. Physically small (but larger than the X61s). Very good Linux support.



Recap in 2012, after 3.5 years: this is a great laptop. Actually, the apex of Thinkpads, because I got the model with the high resolution display (1440x900 pixels). For some reason, Lenovo discontinued these high resolution displays for ones that are only 1280x800. Those extra 100 pixels matter, as seen in the 2012 iPad.

I’ve been waiting for ~10 years to say this: It Just Works With Linux.

(Caveat: I bought the model with the Intel 5100AGN wireless chipset, because I didn’t trust the no-name default IBM chipset. YMMV.)


No news about FreeBSD.

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