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I recently purchased a Lenovo X60s to run Linux because my R200’s keyboard died (due to child abuse), and its only 60GB disk was getting cramped.

General impressions: Great laptop. Light, bright screen. Physically smaller than most of the other ultraportables. Very good Linux support.



Machine stats for the X60s: see the very good Thinkwiki X60s page.

My only caveat: by default, after resume, the screen is stuck blank. The computer is on and working fine, but no video, and no easy tricks (like toggling virtual terminals) help. Fix: add acpi_sleep=s3_bios to your grub boot parameters. Details at thinkwiki.

Update: With Fedora 7 this fix no longer fixes things. The F7 kernel suspend/resume doesn’t work, as documented in Fedora’s bugzilla bug #243759. My work-around is to roll back to the latest FC6 kernel, as documented there.


To date I have no reports about FreeBSD on this box. Let me know if you get it working.

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