John Heidemann

An adpative FEC algorithm for Mobile Wireless Networks

TitleAn adpative FEC algorithm for Mobile Wireless Networks
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsJ. - S. Ahn, and J. Heidemann

Wireless mobile networks tend to drop a large portion of packets due to propagation errors. To improve reliability over noisy wireless channels, wireless networks can employ forward error correction (FEC) techniques. Static FEC algorithms, however, can degrade the performance by poorly matching their overhead to the degree of the underlying channel error, especially when the channel path loss rate fluctuates widely. This paper investigates the benefits of an adaptable FEC mechanism for wireless networks with severe packet loss. We show that our adaptive FEC technique improves the performance by dynamically tuning FEC strength to the current amount of wireless channel loss. We quantify these benefits through a hybrid simulation integrating packet-level simulation with bit-level details and validate the simulation model through experimentation.