John Heidemann

Architecture of the Ficus Scalable Replicated File System

TitleArchitecture of the Ficus Scalable Replicated File System
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsT. W. Page, Jr., R. G. Guy, G. J. Popek, and J. S. Heidemann
Date Publishedmar

Ficus is a distributed file system designed to scale up to very large networks of Unix systems, ranging from portable units and workstations to large file servers. It provides very high availability for read and update, utilizing an optimistic \emphone copy availability policy with conflict detection and automatic reconciliation of the name space. Ficus is packaged as a pair of layers which can be configured on top of the Unix file system, coexisting with other extended file system features using an stackable file system switch. This paper presents the architecture of Ficus and the rationale behind the design decisions. Measurements of the current implementation are repreoted which indicate that performance is reasonable both within local clusters of cooperating machines and between goegraphically distributed clusters.