John Heidemann

Building Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks with Low-Level Naming

TitleBuilding Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks with Low-Level Naming
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsJ. Heidemann, F. Silva, C. Intanagonwiwat, R. Govindan, D. Estrin, and D. Ganesan
Date Publishedoct
Conference LocationChateau Lake Louise, Banff, Alberta, Canada

In most distributed systems, naming of nodes for low-level communication leverages topological location (such as node addresses) and is independent of any application. In this paper, we investigate an emerging class of distributed systems where low-level communication does not rely on network topological location. Rather, low-level communication is based on attributes that are \emphexternal to the network topology and \emphrelevant to the application. When combined with dense deployment of nodes, this kind of named data enables \emphin-network processing for data aggregation, collaborative signal processing, and similar problems. These approaches are essential for emerging applications such as sensor networks where resources such as bandwidth and energy are limited. This paper is the first description of the software architecture that supports named data and in-network processing in an operational, multi-application sensor-network. We show that approaches such as in-network aggregation and nested queries can significantly affect network traffic. In one experiment aggregation reduces traffic by up to 42% and nested queries reduce loss rates by 30%. Although aggregation has been previously studied in simulation, this paper demonstrates nested queries as another form of in-network processing, presents the first evaluation of these approaches over an operational testbed.