John Heidemann

Evaluating Externally Visible Outages

TitleEvaluating Externally Visible Outages
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsA. Alwabel, J. Healy, J. Heidemann, B. Luu, Y. Pradkin, and R. Safavian.

This technical report evaluates externally visible outages (those that can be seen from a third party) in the IPv4 Internet, comparing them to privately reported VOIP outages. Our primary goal is to understand if externally visible outages can complement current reporting mechanisms and provide a better understanding of the reliability of the U.S. telecommunications infrastructure. We measure outages with Trinocular outage detection system using active probing from multiple sites. Our secondary goals are to evaluate Trinocular for long-term use and potential operationalization, and to identify any problems and next steps needed in that direction.