John Heidemann

A Holistic Framework for Bridging Regional Threats to User QoE

TitleA Holistic Framework for Bridging Regional Threats to User QoE
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsX. Cai, J. Heidemann, and W. Willinger
Date Publisheddec

\emphSubmarine cable cuts have become increasingly common, with five incidents breaking more than ten cables in the last three years. Today, around%7e300 cables carry the majority of international Internet traffic, so a single cable cut can affect millions of users, and repairs to any cut are expensive and time consuming. Prior work has either measured the impact following incidents, or predicted the results of network changes to relatively abstract Internet topological models. In this paper, we develop a new approach to model cable cuts. Our approach differs by following \emphproblems drawn from real-world occurrences all the way to their impact on \emphend-users. Because our approach spans many layers, no single organization can provide all the data needed to apply the model. We therefore perform \emphwhat-if analysis to study a range of possibilities. With this approach we evaluate four incidents in 2012 and 2013; our analysis suggests general rules that assess the degree of a country's vulnerability to a cut.