John Heidemann

Improving Simulation for Network Research

TitleImproving Simulation for Network Research
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsS. Bajaj, L. Breslau, D. Estrin, K. Fall, S. Floyd, P. Haldar, M. Handley, A. Helmy, J. Heidemann, P. Huang, S. Kumar, S. McCanne, R. Rejaie, P. Sharma, K. Varadhan, Y. Xu, H. Yu, and D. Zappala
Date Publishedmar

New protocols and algorithms are being developed to meet changing operational requirements in the Internet. Simulation is a vital tool to quickly and inexpensively explore the behavior of these new protocol across the range of topologies, cross-traffic, and interactions that might occur in the Internet. This paper describes ns, a widely used, multi-protocol network simulator designed to address the needs of networking researchers. Ns provides multiple levels of abstraction to permit simulations to span a wide-range of scales, emulation, where real-world packets can enter the simulator. We describe the ns architecture and examine the range of ways simulation and ns are used in networking research.