John Heidemann

Location-Aware Scheduling With Minimal Infrastructure

TitleLocation-Aware Scheduling With Minimal Infrastructure
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsJ. Heidemann, and D. Shah
Conference LocationSan Diego, CA

Mobile computers often benefit from software which adapts to their location. For example, a computer might be backed up when at the office, or the default printer might always be a nearby one. In many existing systems, location-triggered actions are only possible for specific applications or with special infrastructure. This paper describes \emphlcron, a system which supports \emphuser-configurable actions triggered on \emphchange in location or other events common to mobile computers. Key features of \emphlcron are its use of existing clues for location information and mapping low-level location information into user-sensible terms. \emphLcron uses a number of existing sources of location such as network connection and base station ID, allowing it to work without special hardware or GPS receivers. We map sources of low-level information such as IP address and latitude/longitude into user-meaningful \emphlogical locations. We describe the design, implementation and our experiences with this system.