John Heidemann

Name Transparency in Very Large Scale Distributed File Systems

TitleName Transparency in Very Large Scale Distributed File Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsR. G. Guy, T. W. Page, Jr., J. S. Heidemann, and G. J. Popek
Conference NameSecond" # ieee-ed
Date Publishedoct
Conference LocationHuntsville, AL

Previous distributed file systems have relied on either convention or obtaining dynamic global agreement to provide network transparent file naming. This paper argues that neither approach can succeed as systems scale to the kind of size that is anticipated in the current decade. We propose instead a novel name mapping scheme which relies on a fragmented, selectively replicated name translation database. Updates to the naming database are coordinated by an optimistic concurrency control strategy with automatic propagation and reconciliation. A prototype of the name mapping mechanism has been implemented and is in use in the Ficus replicated file system.