John Heidemann

Privacy-Sensitive Monitoring With a Mix of IR Sensors and Cameras

TitlePrivacy-Sensitive Monitoring With a Mix of IR Sensors and Cameras
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsA. Rajgarhia, F. Stann, and J. Heidemann
Date Publishedaug
Conference LocationBoston, Massachusetts, USA

The goal of monitoring an area for security often conflicts with the inhabitants' right to privacy. This paper argues that technical choices can be made to balance the privacy- security tradeoff. We present a privacy-sensitive security monitoring system which balances privacy and security by deploying cameras only in public areas and by distributing information about people's movements in private areas so that no single computer can track an individual. We show how this distributed information can be utilized to correlate an interesting event such as a theft with an image taken by the cameras deployed at the public areas. We then survey potential users of our system to evaluate preferences concerning cameras and motion sensors, and we present analysis of three alternative locations of storing data.