John Heidemann

Sensor-Internet Share and Search–-Enabling Collaboration of Citizen Scientists

TitleSensor-Internet Share and Search–-Enabling Collaboration of Citizen Scientists
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsS. Reddy, G. Chen, B. Fulkerson, S. J. Kim, U. Park, N. Yau, J. Cho, M. Hansen, and J. Heidemann
Date Publishedapr
Conference LocationCambridge, Mass., USA

Over the last decade, embedded sensing systems have been successfully deployed in a range of application areas, from education and science to military and industry. These systems are becoming more robust, capable, and widely adopted. Yet today, most sensor networks function in isolated patches, each with different mechanisms to deliver data to their users, and often have no formal methods to share data with others. As sensornets become more numerous and their data more valuable, it becomes increasingly important to have common means to share data over the Internet. In addition to simplifying use of a single sensornet, we seek to enable sharing of data across multiple systems, and ultimately \emphslogging (sensornet logging), where a single user may discover, process, and republish data from thousands of independently operated sensors. To meet these goals we propose an architecture to interconnect, share, and search sensor data. This paper describes the building blocks of this architecture: sensor stores, search engines, and publishers, joined by a common sensor data streaming protocol. We then detail the research challenges that must be addressed to meet our goal of enabling sensor access to users from scientists, data analysts, to citizen scientists.