John Heidemann

Sharing Network Data: Bright Gray Days Ahead

TitleSharing Network Data: Bright Gray Days Ahead
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsJ. Heidemann

Sharing data is what we expect as a community. From the IMC best paper award requiring a public dataset to NSF data management plans, we know that data is crucial to reproducible science. Yet privacy concerns today make data acquisition difficult and sharing harder still. AOL and Netflix have released anonymized datasets that leaked customer information, at least for a few customers and with some effort. With the EU suggesting that IP addresses are personally identifiable information, are we doomed to IP-address free ``Internet'' datasets? \newline ─▒ndent In this talk I will explore the issues in data sharing, suggesting that we need to move beyond black and white definitions of private and public datasets, to embrace the gray shades of data sharing in our future. Gray need not be gloomy. I will discuss some new ideas in sharing that suggest that, if we move beyond ``anonymous ftp'' as our definition, the future may be gray but bright.