John Heidemann

A Tool for RApid Model Parameterization and its Applications

TitleA Tool for RApid Model Parameterization and its Applications
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsK. -chan Lan, and J. Heidemann
Date Publishedaug
Conference LocationKarlsruhe, Germany

The utility of simulations and analysis heavily relies on good models of network traffic. However, it is difficult to model and simulate the Internet traffic because of the network's great heterogeneity and rapid change. The statistical properties of Internet traffic not only constantly change over time but also vary in other dimensions such as locations and directions. Previously we have developed a tool RAMP that supports rapid parameterization of traffic models from live network measurements. In this paper, we first extend RAMP to support near-real-time trace-driven simulation. Next, we demonstrate the applications of RAMP via three case studies: generation of realistic traffic model for simulation, generation of high bandwidth synthetic network traces, and analysis and modeling of malicious traffic. Finally, we discuss some lessons we learned from using RAMP for traffic modeling.