John Heidemann

Towards an AS-to-Organization Map

TitleTowards an AS-to-Organization Map
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsX. Cai, J. Heidemann, B. Krishnamurthy, and W. Willinger
Conference Nameproc # acm-imc
Conference LocationMelbourne, Australia

An understanding of Internet topology is central to answer various questions ranging from network resilience to peer selection or data center location. While much of prior work has examined AS-level connectivity, meaningful and relevant results from such an abstract view of Internet topology have been limited. For one, semantically, AS relationships capture business relationships and not physical connectivity. Additionally, many organizations often use multiple ASes, either to implement different routing policies, or as legacies from mergers and acquisitions. In this paper, we move beyond the traditional AS graph view of the Internet to define the problem of \emphAS-to-organization mapping. We describe our initial steps at automating the capture of the rich semantics inherent in the AS-level ecosystem where routing and connectivity intersect with organizations. We discuss preliminary methods that identify multi-AS organizations from WHOIS data and illustrate the challenges posed by the quality of the available data and the complexity of real-world organizational relationships.