John Heidemann

Visualizing Sparse Internet Events: Network Outages and Route Changes

TitleVisualizing Sparse Internet Events: Network Outages and Route Changes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsL. Quan, J. Heidemann, and Y. Pradkin
Date Publishedjan

To understand network behavior, researchers and enterprise network operators must interpret large amounts of network data. To understand and manage network events such as outages, route instability, and spam campaigns, they must interpret data that covers a range of networks and evolves over time. We propose a simple clustering algorithm that helps identify spatial clusters of network events based on correlations in event timing, producing 2-D visualizations. We show that these visualizations where they reveal the extent, timing, and dynamics of network outages such as January 2011 Egyptian change of government, and the March 2011 Japanese earthquake. We also show they reveal correlations in routing changes that are hidden from AS-path analysis.