Kristina Lerman


For Everyone:

Q: How is ISI related to the University of Southern California? 

A: ISI is a research lab that is part of the School of Engineering at USC. Many of the Ph.D. level researchers at ISI have joint appointments in academic departments on campus. There are also many students that work at ISI while they are working on a degree.

Q: Where is ISI and how to do I get there? 

A: ISI is located in Marina del Rey, which is about 30 minutes from the main campus by car. There are direction to ISI here. There is also a shuttle that runs from the main campus multiple times a day. You can find the shuttle schedule at USC Transportation under Marina Del Rey Shuttle.

Q: How do I find you at ISI? 

A: Please take the elevator to the 10th floor and ask the receptionist to call me. I will meet you and escort you to my office.

For Prospective Students:

Q: I'm an undergraduate and would like to do a summer internship with you. How do I apply? 

A: Sometimes I work with undergraduates through NSF's REU program. If you are interested in a specific topic, contact me in March of the year so that I can apply for funding for you for the summer.

The USC School of Engineering also has several different summer internship programs. Please go to the following web site for more information and instructions on how to apply: Viterbi Summer Internships

Q: I have been accepted to the USC Computer Science department's M.S. program. Will you consider me for a position as a research assistant? 

A: I don't generally take on M.S. students until I get to know them. A good way for me to get to know you is to take my course, CSCI 548, "Information Integration on the Web". I teach the course with Prof. Knoblock every spring semester. Another good way for me to get to know you and vice versa is to sign up for Directed Research project with me. I often have short-term projects that are well suited for DR.

Q: I'm considering coming to USC for my Ph.D. in computer science. Would you please review my CV and let me know whether I'd be able to work with you?

A: I'm always looking for strong students with research experience, but can only consider an application once the admissions committee has reviewed and approved it. I would encourage you to apply if you've done research and meet USC's academic requirements. Make sure to list me on the USC application form as one of the professors with whom you would like to work.