Matthew French



ME & BS, Electrical Engineering, Cornell University


Mr. French currently oversees the Secure and Robust Electronics Center and the Reconfigrable Computing Group at ISI. He has been at ISI since 1998 and has been an integral part of the Arlington, VA campus's success. His research interests include cognitive radio, trusted computing, application mapping to parallel architectures, specialized CAD tool development, space-based computing, and autonomous systems. Over his tenure at ISI he has led, co-led, or performed research under the following programs, realizing game changing technologies:

  • DARPA Communications Under Extreme RF Environments
  • DARPA Integrity and Reliability of Integrated Circuits
  • DARPA Trust in Integrated Circuits
  • NASA Advanced Information Science Technology
  • NRO Director's Innovation Initiative
  • DARPA Knowledge Aided Sensor Signal Processing and Expert Reasoning
  • DARPA Polymorphous Computing Architectures
  • DARPA Adaptive Computing Systems
Prior to ISI, Mr. French was in the SIGINT directorate at Lockheed Sanders (now BAE Systems).