Robert Schuler



M.S., Computer Science, University of Southern California
B.S., Computer Science, University of Southern California


Robert Schuler is a computer scientist in the University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute (ISI). At ISI, he has held several senior development and technical leadership positions on large-scale cyberinfrastructure projects, coordinating centers, and data hubs. Currently, he is the technical coordinator for the FaceBase Data Hub and consortium (NIH funded). For the previous 5 years, he was a member of the leadership team of the Biomedical Informatics Research Network (NIH funded) for which he led the development and deployment of national-scale research networks for neuroimaging and microscopy. Prior to BIRN, he was a senior member of the open source Globus project (NSF and DOE funded), developing key cyberinfrastructure technology used ubiquitously throughout the Big Sciences of high energy physics, earth and climate research, and others, including numerous national and multi-national cyberinfrastructure systems. Notably, he was also a member of the architecture team behind the development of the Earth System Grid (DOE funded), the data hub that supported the Nobel Prize winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Prior to ISI, Mr. Schuler worked at Xerox Research on trusted systems research for data management, leading to the development of the ContentGuard joint venture between Xerox and Microsoft. Following Xerox, Mr. Schuler co-founded a technology startup that developed commercial Enterprise Information Integration (EII) systems for companies in the publishing, information services, and media fields. He has published in journals and conferences on topics including distributed computing, e-sciences, and informatics. Mr. Schuler holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science from USC, where he is currently a PhD candidate.