Sergio Boixo

Quantum-limited metrology with product states

TitleQuantum-limited metrology with product states
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsS. Boixo, A. Datta, S. T. Flammia, A. Shaji, E. Bagan, and C. M. Caves
JournalPhysical Review A

We study the performance of initial product states of n-body systems in generalized quantum metrology protocols that involve estimating an unknown coupling constant in a nonlinear k-body (k much smaller than n) Hamiltonian. We obtain the theoretical lower bound on the uncertainty in the estimate of the parameter. For arbitrary initial states, the lower bound scales as 1/n to the k, and for initial product states, it scales as 1/n to the k-1/2. We show that the latter scaling can be achieved using simple, separable measurements. We analyze in detail the case of a quadratic Hamiltonian (k=2), implementable with Bose-Einstein condensates. We formulate a simple model, based on the evolution of angular-momentum coherent states, which explains the O(1/n to the 3/2) scaling for k=2; the model shows that the entanglement generated by the quadratic Hamiltonian does not play a role in the enhanced sensitivity scaling. We show that phase decoherence does not affect the O(1/n to the 3/2) sensitivity scaling for initial product states