An Example: the NeuARt digital neuroanatomical atlasing system

NeuARt is a digital atlasing system for viewing and analyzing spatial data registered onto digital atlases. In the current NeuARt implementation data consists on collections SVG images, one image per atlas plate, that are in complete agreement with atlas plates images. We call each one of these collections a data map. NeuArt can display several images side-by-side and superimposed on top of common atlas plates.

NeuARt Data Map Browser

The above screenshot of the NeuARt ‘standard’ configuration shows: (A) Navigable coronal sections for each open atlas in an ‘accordion’ control. (B) A saggital view of the open atlas (vertical lines are navigable). (C) and (D) A vertically-split main pannel showing different atlas plates and data from opened data maps. (E) A navigable list of images in the loaded data maps, grouped by data maps and by atlas level. (F) A control for selecting the maps to show and their color mapping.

The NeuARt subsystem exploits KEfED representations to allow the access of atlas-registered data in support of high-level connectivity assertions.

NeuARt KEfED integration

The above partial screenshot of the combined BioScholar / NeuARt application shows: (A) The connection matrix panel showing interpretive and observational data pertaining to connections from BSTrh to SI. (B) One row of levels from the Data Map for the BSTrh PHAL case limited to levels where SI can be found. (C) List of Data Maps and Levels in the system (currently with all levels in the main panel expanded to show the maps displayed there. (D) Main controller for adding new Data Maps within NeuARt. (E–J) A selection of levels where fibers originating from BSTrh are shown in SI. These panels also include fibers from the other subnuclei shown in (D).

This work (and it's development as part of a digital workbench for neural connectivity data) has been reported as a journal article (Tallis et al 2011).

Google Code Project for NeuARt: Google Code Page

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