Biomarkers and PPMI

The Parkinson’s Progressive Markers Initiative (PPMI) is a highly significant, multi-site, open, collaborative project that provides a definitive account of biomarkers associated with Parkinson’s Disease (PD, Mueller et al. 2005). The design of the PPMI was based on the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI). ADNI’s impact is described in Weiner et al. 2012 and should deservedly be considered as a resounding success with enormous impact (including practical diagnostic methods; new ways of categorizing Alzheimer’s Disease; new methods for early detection; improve- ments in clinical trial efficiency; confirmations of genetic risk loci; multiple international spin-off programs; a better understanding of the disease’s relationship to mild cognitive impairment and normal aging and effective open- access informatics infrastructure). We claim that part of the reason why ADNI was so successful was that the project was directly focussed on biomarkers: measurements derived from reproducible assays.

We are initially seeking funding to develop the SciKnowLab system in order to support the PPMI project by building KEfED models of their data distrbution as a demonstration of the utility and promise of our methodology in service of a crucially important research problem.

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