Hot & Spicy: Improving Productivity with Python and HLS for FPGAs

Hot & Spicy is an open-source infrastructure and tool suite for integrating FPGA accelerators in Python applications, provided entirely as Python source code. This suite of tools eases the packaging, integration, and binding of accelerators and their C/C++ based drivers callable from a Python application. The tools can:

  1. Translate Python functions to HLS-suitable C functions 
  2. Generate Python C wrapper bindings
  3. Automate the FPGA EDA tool flow
  4. Retarget Python source code to use accelerated libraries

For FPGA experts, this enables increased productivity and supports research on each stage of the flow by providing a framework to integrate additional compilers and optimizations. For everyone else this enables fast, consistent, acceleration of applications on FPGAs.

The tools and source code are available online at: https://github.com/ISI-RCG/spicy