Reconfigurable Computing Group


Reconfigurable Computing Group Intellectual Property Catalogue

RCG has transferred several technologies to government and industry, but also open sources some of our IP to more broadly benefit the academic community. The following are available for open use:

   Hot & Spicy

Hot & Spicy translates Python to synthesizeable C for use in High Level Synthesis tools, to enable software developers to target FPGAs more effectively.



The Tools of Open Reconfigurable Computing (TORC), provide an open API into Xilinx FPGA netlists, such that end users can develop their own placement and routing algorithms and implement them on real, commercial devices.



BitBandit is a software fault injector which targets the embedded processor hard IP of the Xilinx4FX and Xilinx 5FX PowerPC processors. This tool enables research into fault mitigation approaches for FPGA SoCs and embedded processors by providing a common, repeatable test environment.