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2004-07-01 Grabbing an object with conro
Using several conro modules to grab an object on an air table.
Author(s) Wei-Min Shen
2004-06-26Close-Up Snake-To-V
Close-up of docking in DHC/sensor-based reconfiguration
Author(s) ISI PRL
DHC reconfiguration w/ sensors showing detachment
Author(s) ISI PRL
2004-06-09Close-Up Snake-to-P
Close up of the target and tail during sensor-based reconfiguration
Author(s) ISI PRL
A snake of 7 distributed modules uses digital hormones and sensors to reconfigure
Author(s) ISI PRL
2004-01-01Isolated Snakes Dock
Two smaller separate snakes combine into one (closed loop)
Author(s) Mike Rubenstein
2003-04-27Bye Bye!
A hexapod sits up and waves at you
Author(s) ISI PRL
2003-04-11Self-Reconfigure I2Y
Snake transforms itself to a tee configuration and then "swims" away (open loop)
Author(s) ISI PRL
2003-04-08Stone Short
Quadrupedal gait across likely real-world surface
Author(s) ISI PRL
Quadruped is split into two tees and then reassembled
Author(s) ISI PRL
2002-11-15Sidewinder on Pebbles
CONRO moves with sidewinder-snake inspired locomotion
Author(s) ISI PRL
2002-08-22S to Y Transformation
Transformation from S shape to Y shape
Author(s) ISI PRL
2002-05-31Docking Two Modules
Two modules docking using IR and the caterpillar gait
Author(s) ISI PRL
2002-05-31Fast Dock - Close
Repetitive dock and release
Author(s) ISI PRL
2002-05-31Pull / Push
Connects one end and uses that connection to disconnect another end and vice-versa
Author(s) ISI PRL
2002-05-21Dynamic Reconfiguration 1
CONRO takes many forms in real-time without complaint
Author(s) ISI PRL
2001-10-12Caterpillar 1
Snake configuration moves with caterpillar gait
Author(s) ISI PRL
2001-10-12Robust Caterpillar
Caterpillar experiment with dynamic lengthacross multiple units
Author(s) ISI PRL
2001-10-12Sidewinder 2
Second sidewinder video
Author(s) ISI PRL
2001-08-23Hexapod 1
A hexapod gait
Author(s) ISI PRL
2001-07-11Rolling Track
Track-configured CONRO rolls across lab floor
Author(s) ISI PRL
2000-12-06Search and Push
Searches for other unit and pushes forward against it
Author(s) ISI PRL
2000-11-16Flip Over
Snake configuration flips itself over
Author(s) ISI PRL
2000-11-16Reactive Quadruped
Quadrupedal gait with cat-whisker reactive to wall
Author(s) ISI PRL
1999-10-22Module in Hand
A single CONRO module (in hand for scale)
Author(s) ISI PRL