Demonstrate Cascading Failures in ns

Xuan Chen, Ashish Goel, John Heidemann, Ramesh Govindan, and Deborah Estrin
Mar 28, 2002


Current stage: 

Future plan:

Sample Scenario:

Traffic in the simulation:
Simulation snapshots:
Initial state
  • Low rate CBR does not affect TCP cross traffic flows
  • No large queue or packet loss is observed

Inital state
Pulse occurs
  • Pulse UDP flow starts
  • Packets in low rate CBR are blocked
Problem starts
Pulse "spreads"
  • Pulse UDP flow ends
  • Packets in the low rate CBR flow , which are queued, form a secondary pulse

Problem spreads
Pulse hurts cross traffic
  • The secondary pulse hurts cross traffic
  • Large queue and packet loss are observed
Cross-traffic affected

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