SCADDS People 


  Deborah Estrin [email protected]  
  Ramesh Govindan [email protected]  
  John Heidemann [email protected]  


  Fabio Silva

Wei Ye [email protected]


  Nirupama Bulusu [email protected] spatial localization,  beacon placement
  Alberto Cerpa [email protected] self configuring topology control
  Jeremy Elson [email protected] Time synchronization, testbed driver development
  Deepak Ganesan [email protected]  multipath routing
  Lewis Girod [email protected] "Tags" Testbed
  Chalermek Intanagonwiwat [email protected] Directed Diffusion and in-network aggregation
  Mohammed Rahimi [email protected]

  Yan Yu [email protected] geographical and energy-aware routing for sensor networks
  Jerry Zhao [email protected] sensor network tomography, PC-104 testbed

Graduated Students

     Satish Kumar
     Amit Kumar
     Ya Xu

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