Updating the ISI Website

ISI's public websites are created with Drupal, a widely used content management system that enables data to be readily shared between individual, group, division and organization-wide sites. Many pages can be updated and expanded directly by ISI researchers, staff and students. 

Some pages require updating by a designated representative, usually an administrative assistant, who is familiar with the page's unique requirements and university branding. A few must be updated through Action, in which case a simple procedure enables you to ask for changes. The following list differentiates the various page types and provides a guide on how to make updates or who to contact for help.

Please try making changes yourself before contacting Action. If you still need help after following the suggestions below, submit an Action help request form, and someone will get back to you promptly.

To update your pages on an individual website:

The ISI Website Manager contains information on logging in, creating web pages, updating and deleting pages, and other related topics.

To post or modify publications on your individual site (which will then appear on the main ISI site):

You're strongly encouraged to post your publications, which show the breadth and depth of ISI's research expertise. There's a Posting Publications 101 tutorial for the ISI Website Manager.

To add or modify events on the ISI home page calendar:

Please use the ISI New Event form to create, update, or delete an event displayed on the ISI home page calendar.

To contribute a news item or feature story for the ISI home page:

News items are extended announcements of something that has happened or is about to happen. They can involve individual, groups, or ISI as a whole. Examples:  accepted or published research breakthroughs; major funding awards and research partnerships; professional organization awards, conference leadership or committee membership; winning or being award finalists; high-profile events; anything else that might be of interest within ISI and to our constituents, but not necessarily to the Viterbi School overall. 

Feature stories are more in-depth looks at a particular topic. For an idea of feature stories to date, see ISI News and Events. For the past several years, all our feature stories have been provided by Viterbi's news service. We now have the ability to generate features ourselves, which means they don t need to be broad enough to appeal to Viterbi's audience - but should be compelling for ISI colleagues and constituents outside your immediate research area.

To develop either news items or feature stories, please send a reasonably detailed email to news@isi.edu. If your item is selected you will be contacted by a writer assigned to complete the article.

To post or modify an entry on the ISI Demonstrations page:

Please use the ISI New Demonstration form to create, update, or delete a demonstration entry displayed on the ISI Demonstrations page.

To post or modify an entry on the ISI Open-Source Software page:

USC has a process for licensing open-source software.  Please consult with your division director and follow any necessary USC procedures before submitting software. Once complete, please utilize the ISI New Open-Source Software form to add, update, or delete your software from the Open-Source Software page.

For almost everything else:

Please consult the internal services page.

Compatibility with Other ISI Websites

A few notes the compatibility of this website with other websites at ISI:

ISI's top-level website (this one) is implemented with ISI's web content management system, which utilizes an open-source tool called Drupal.

  1. If you have an existing page or website with an isi.edu URL that isn't constructed in Drupal, it will continue to be supported. These may include group sites and individual tilde sites like www.isi.edu/~gil.
  2. If you would like to convert such a page or website into Drupal while preserving the original URL, you'll need to first create the new website with the ISI Website Manager. In the request, please note in the comments field that you wish to have a redirect created from the old website to the new location.
  3. If you would like to redirect an individual, project, or research group website out of ISI Drupal to an external website or site hosted within the ISI shared NFS filesystem, please contact Action, which will set up the proper redirect. For more information on this topic, please see here.
  4. If you're experiencing redirect issues with existing links to or from our Drupal site, it may be because we need to create new redirects. There could be any number of reasons why a redirect is not working properly. To resolve issues, contact Action.

For a figure showing ISI's overall site structure and more information about how different sections of the site are maintained and updated, please click here.