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Semantic Web Search - Searching Documents and Semantic Data on the Web

Thursday, January 06, 2011, 11:00am - 12:00pm PDTiCal
11th Floor Conf. Room (#1135)
Tran Duc Thanh


"Alongside with the large volume of Web pages, there is an increasing amount of structured and semantic data that have been made publicly available on the Web. This includes data that are embedded in Web pages (e.g. Mircoformats and RDFa) as well as large data repositories (e.g. Linked Open Data sources) constructed for various domains.

This talk provides an overview of our Semantic Web Search research activities towards a hybrid search solution that enables searching documents and data on the Web in an integrated way, supporting different information needs that range from navigational Web page retrieval to complex question answering.

Briefly, this talk covers our work on Web data indexing, integration and in particular, RDF and Linked Data query processing.  While these works provide the backend capability for managing hybrid Web data and queries, search is a rather end-user centric concept that also involves intuitive and user-friendly frontend solutions. The focus of this talk is our work on keyword query processing and ranking, which enables users to express possibly complex information needs and searching over documents and semantic data using simple keywords."


"Thanh Tran worked as consultant and software engineer for IBM and Capgemini, and served as vising assistant professor at Stanford University. He has been mainly working on the topics of semantic data management, keyword search on semantic data, and hybrid search (semantic search on textual, structured and semantic data). He published seminal work in the semantic search area, and helps to establish a community around it through different activities such as running the series of workshops called SemSearch. His interdisciplinary work is published in numerous top-level conference proceedings (SIGMOD, ICDE, WWW, SIGIR, CIKM, ISWC, AAAI) and earned the second prize at the Billion Triple Challenge 2008 as well as the best Linked Data paper at ESWC 2011. He is currently working as assistant professor, managing the semantic search special interest group, and the projects iGreen and CollabKloud at the AIFB institute of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology."

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