Artificial Intelligence

Congrats, Emilio!

The Complex Systems Society (CSS), which promotes development of complex systems science in and beyond Europe, has granted its junior scientific award to ISD’s Emilio Ferrara.  The award recognizes extraordinary scientific achievements by CSS researchers within seven years of completing their PhDs.

According to the CSS, Emilio is “one of the most active and successful young researchers in the field of computational social sciences. His works include the design and application of novel network-science models, algorithms, and tools to study phenomena occurring in large, dynamical techno-social systems. They improved our understanding of the structure of large online social networks and the dynamics of information diffusion. He has explored online social phenomena (protests, rumors, etc.), with applications to model and forecast individual behavior, and characterize information diffusion and cyber-crime.”

Among the projects for which Emilio recently has received recognition: a New Scientist article on his work about identifying promoted memes, which typically are backed by silent corporate money, on Twitter. He and Kristina Lerman were featured in the Huffington Post for their work confirming that the more people comment online, the dumber their remarks tend to become.  This year, data visualization company Maptive also named Emilio 28th among 100 big data experts to follow in 2016. And last year, he was named a VIP Influencer by IBM Watson Analytics, among other recognition.

Congratulations, Emilio. We’re proud to have you on the team!