Artificial Intelligence

Postdoctoral Openings in Forecasting

The USC Information Sciences Institute seeks applicants for two Postdoctoral Researcher positions with a focus on modeling and forecasting with multivariate and heterogeneous time series data. The positions are for one year, with possibility of a renewal for two more years.


The successful candidate will work on a federally sponsored project together with a team of experts in machine learning, computer science, and social sciences.  The central objective is to develop an algorithmic framework for analyzing multivariate time-series data, and generating forecasts about various events of interests from two broad categories: Socio-political and societal events (elections, epidemics, etc.); and cybersecurity events (large-scale security breaches, new viral malware, etc.). The successful applicant is expected to develop and validate novel forecasting algorithms based on heterogeneous and high-dimensional data streaming from various sources.  


This research is intrinsically inter-disciplinary and qualified applicants with PhD's in any mathematical field will be considered, although the preference will be given to applicants with background/experience in machine learning and/or time-series modeling/forecasting.

About ISI

USC ISI offers academia-leading pay for computer science postdoc positions.

The Information Sciences Institute overlooks the Pacific Ocean in beautiful Marina del Rey, CA and is part of the Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California, located nearby in Los Angeles, CA.

To apply

Interested applicants should submit a current CV, a research statement, and contact information for least three references, using the following link:

For best considerations the application materials should be received by April 15, 2016.