Artificial Intelligence

Two ISD Summer Students Recognized as this year's Director's Interns

Beginning this year, ISI has awarded the recognition of Director’s Intern to a small number of outstanding individuals participating in the summer internship program.  The ISI Director’s Interns Committee is pleased to announce that Laura Alessandretti and Keith Burghardt have been selected as this year’s Director’s Interns.  

Laura is a Ph.D. student in Applied Mathematics at City University London.  Her research lies at the intersection of the physics of complex networks, computer science, and the social sciences to study the dynamics of human behavior.   Laura is working with Aram Galstyan and Emilio Ferrara on a project to detect malicious activities in social media.  

Keith is a Physics Ph.D. student at the University of Maryland where his research focuses on the modeling of complex dynamic systems.  Keith is working with Kristina Lerman this summer to model Stack Exchange and to validate their models using Amazon Mechanical Turk.  This is the continuation of more than a year long collaboration between Keith and Kristina.

Congratulations to Keith and Laura!