Joseph Touch


Brief biography:
Joe Touch is the Postel Center Director at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute and a Research Associate Professor of CS and EE/Systems. He received a B.S. in biophysics and CS from the Univ. of Scranton in 1985, an M.S. in CS from Cornell Univ. in 1987, and a Ph.D. in CS from the Univ. of Pennsylvania in 1992. He joined ISI in 1992 and his current projects involve recursive virtual networks, optical Internets, and high-performance network security. His interests include Internet protocols, network architecture, and network device design. He also served as an "IPA" as USAF SMC TSAT Space Segment Senior Network Engineer and ACG Network Chief from 2006-2010. He holds 5 US patents and published over 150 papers in conferences and journals. Joe is in Sigma Xi, an ACM Distinguished Scientist, an IEEE Senior Member and Communications Society Distinguished Lecturer, and an OSA Senior Member, Traveling Lecturer, and Nonlinear Optics TG co-chair. He is active in the IETF in the Transport, Internet, and Security Areas, serves on numerous conference committees. His "first principles approach to computer networking" course, based on his Recursive Network Architecture, is under development as a textbook.

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