Joseph Touch

Internet protocol extensions

Current Internet protocol extensions:

  • IP:
    • Datarouter
      • Supporting an alternative to loose source routing using strings rather than IP addresses, adding regular expression matching and string substitution as routing table entries.
  • UDP:
    • UDP options
      • Extending UDP to include a new area for options
  • TCP:

Past Internet protocol extensions:

  • Shared use of Experimental TCP options
    • Allows the two existing codepoints for experimental TCP options to be used for a variety of different, concurrent experiments.
  • TCP Authentication Option (TCP-AO)
  • TCP Control Block Sharing
    • Improves TCP performance by explicitly sharing control state across different connections, rather than expecting them to interact only on the shared communications path. This extension is widely implemented in several OSes. Developed as part of the LSAM project.
  • IPsec tunnels with dynamic routing
    • Supports dynamic routing in the presence of IPsec, notably pioneering the technique of combining IPsec transport mode with separate IP-IP encapsulation tunnels, as contrasted to IPsec tunnel mode. This technique is used in some commercial routers. Developed as part of the X-Bone project.
  • MD5 Performance
    • Provided an improved reference implementation of TCP MD5, a TCP option used to authenticate segments that is widely deployed to protect Internet routing protocols. This work has been deprecated in favor of TCP-AO. This software is used in some commercial routers. Developed during the ATOMIC-2 project.