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Summer Graduate Research Experience

SGREP is ISI's Summer Graduate Research Experience Program, a summer program that combines academic directed research and project class education with real project participation and exposure to project planning, management, and adminstration. It is offered to motivated graduate CS, CE, and EE students, primarily through USC.  

Summer students collaborate with small groups of researchers at USC's Information Sciences Institute, and focus on portions of existing ISI projects sponsored by DARPA, the NSF, and other funding agencies.

SGREP is held during the summer because this is a very active time for ISI researchers, who, unlike their purely academic counterparts, do not break for the summer. Summer is also the time when students are free from competing academic pursuits and obligations, and can take advantage of intensive full-time experience.

The SGREP program began in the summer of 1999, as an experiment in combining academic project experience for students with real project experience. The goal is to serve the mutual goals of academic graduate students and ISI's project leaders. Conventional research assistantships are difficult for early graduate students to acquire, while traditional core curriculum classes divert project leaders from their research projects.

In SGREP, students benefit from participation in small groups with full-time researchers, working on a real project, and helping to plan and coordinate their contributions. ISI's projects benefit by having tangential issues or components implemented, while (we believe) maintaining the focus of the project leaders on their projects.

During SGREP, we explore the following topics (see also the T-Troup page):

  1. How to write code on a shared project for public release
  2. Conflicts of Interest and other research ethics
  3. How to read a paper
  4. The importance of lists
  5. The Seven Questions (theme and variation on Heilmeier)
  6. How to write a paper
  7. How to write a proposal and manage a project
  8. How to prepare and give a research talk
  9. How to write letters of recommendation

Some additional information on past SGREPs:

Application Information