Joseph Touch


As primary author:

  • Optimized MD5
    • Optimized version of RFC1321 MD5 reference code, as cited in RFC1810, and deployed in Cisco IOS.
      Also availabe is an optimized alternate hash algorithm (AHA).
  • TCL2Array
  • DNS Calculator
    • An example of what NOT to do with the DNS
  • ics2vcs
    • Converts files from ical .ics format to Palm Desktop Calendar .vcs format
  • rfc-what-i-mean
    • Checks RFCs and Internet Drafts for up-to-date citations to most recent RFCs and their dependents.
  • Kodak Disk image extraction
    • Available in Python and Perl
    • Extracts individual photographs from a scan of a 15-image Kodak Disk negative
    • Translated from Guillaume Dargaud's ksh script
    • Click here for information on using this script

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Configuration files

Radio Shack/Tandy WP2 Word Processor termcap entries - original, submitted by Florence, and merged final version.