ISI Technical Reports

This section contains all Technical Reports published by ISI over the past several decades. The search box below enables searches by report titles, authors and report numbers. Technical Reports written by ISI researchers, but not published by ISI, may be available through the author’s individual website.

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Medium Access of Underwater Acoustic Sensor NetworksA. Syed, W. Ye, and J. Heidemann
October, 2006

Enabling Interoperability and Extensibility of Future SCADA SystemsW. Ye and J. Heidemann
October, 2006

Inherent Behaviors for On-line Detection of Peer-to-Peer File SharingG. Bartlett, J. Heidemann, and C. Papadopoulos
October, 2006

Preliminary Security Requirements for SecureCore HardwareT. D. Nguyen, T. E. Levin, C. E. Irvine, T. V. Benzel, and G. Bhaskara
September, 2006

Initial SecureCore Security ArchitectureT. E. Levin, C. E. Irvine, T. D. Nguyen, T. V. Benzel, and G. Bhaskara
September, 2006

Virtualization and Integration of SP Services in SecureCoreG. Bhaskara, T. E. Levin, T. D. Nguyen, C. E. Irvine, T. V. Benzel, J. Dwoskin, and R. Lee
September, 2006

Integration of User Specific Hardware for SecureCore Cryptographic ServicesG. Bhaskara, T. E. Levin, T. D. Nguyen, T. V. Benzel, C. E. Irvine, and P. C. Clark
August, 2006

Measuring Word Alignment Quality for Statistical Machine TranslationFraser, A. and Marcu, D.
May, 2006

Algorithms for Transmission Scheduling in Optical CDMA NetworksKamath, P., Touch, J.D., and Bannister, J.A.
May, 2006

Single- and Multi-Sensor Techniques to Improve Accuracy of UrbanPark, U., Silva, F., Hou, M., Heidemann, J., Guiliano, G., Wang, X., and Prashar, N.
April, 2006