ISI Technical Reports

This section contains all Technical Reports published by ISI over the past several decades. The search box below enables searches by report titles, authors and report numbers. Technical Reports written by ISI researchers, but not published by ISI, may be available through the author’s individual website.

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Demo Abstract: Energy Transference for SensornetsA. A. Syed, Y. Cho, and J. Heidemann
November, 2010

Design and Analysis of a Propagation Delay Tolerant ALOHA Protocol for Underwater NetworksJ. Ahn, A. Syed, B. Krishnamachari, and J. Heidemann
September, 2010

On the Characteristics and Reasons of Long-lived Internet FlowsL. Quan and J. Heidemann
July, 2010

Low-latency Synchronization of Loosely-coupled Sensornet RepublishingU. Park and J. Heidemann
June, 2010

Selecting Representative IP Addresses for Internet Topology Studies X. Fan and J. Heidemann
June, 2010

Understanding Block-level Address Usage in the Visible Internet (extended)X. Cai and J. Heidemann
June, 2010

DADL: Distributed Application Description LanguageJ. Mirkovic, T. Faber, P. Hsieh, G. Malaiyandisamy, and R. Malaviy
May, 2010

Deliverable E 1.1, PT1, Project Web N+1: State of the art. 2010.D. Garijo, B. Villazón-Terrazas,

Deliverable E 2.2, PT2 , Project Web N+1: Definition of the modules of the systemD. Garijo, B. Villazón-Terrazas,

Provenance XG final reportY. Gil, J. Cheney, P. Groth, O. Hartig, S. Miles, L. Moreau, P. P. Da Silva, S. Coppens, D. Garijo, J. M. Gomez, P. Missier, J. Myers, S. Sahoo, J. Zhao,