The ns Manual (formerly ns Notes and Documentation)0.1

The VINT Project
A collaboration between researchers at
UC Berkeley, LBL, USC/ISI, and Xerox PARC.
Kevin Fall, Editor
Kannan Varadhan, Editor

Nov 5, 2011 (ns-2.35) ©../copyright.html is LBNL's Network Simulator [24]. The simulator is written in C++; it uses OTcl as a command and configuration interface.  v2 has three substantial changes from v1: (1) the more complex objects in v1 have been decomposed into simpler components for greater flexibility and composability; (2) the configuration interface is now OTcl, an object oriented version of Tcl; and (3) the interface code to the OTcl interpreter is separate from the main simulator.

Ns documentation is available in html, Postscript, and PDF formats. See for pointers to these.

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05