This web page is now historic. The changes that it describes happened in ~1997.


This is just a brief note to describe the changes we are making to the internal multicast routing protocols in ns. If you are only using multicast routing as a infrastructure mechanism, and the protocol you use is one of dense mode, or centralized multicast routing, then these changes need not affect you. More particularly, these changes can simplify your coding, and also provide improved features that you would use. However, if you are looking at multicast routing, or are using PIM as your multicast routing protocol, then these changes could affect you adversely. These changes are scheduled to occur before the next release, currently impending. Subsequently, we are also considering the implementation of a sparse mode multicast routing protocol as well. Some of the issues we expect to address are detailed below:

External Impact

Internal Impact

For those people working on internal multicast routing, there may be additional impact. This might also impact those who are using the PIM implementation in ns at the present time:

Detailed Record of Changes

To be documented as they are accomplished.
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