Publications by Clifford Neuman

The recent papers and publications on this web page are listed in reverse chronological order. Older papers are organized by topic. There are many recent papers that do not yet appear here. I am in the process of updating this list.
  1. Clifford Neuman, Managing Multiple Perspectives on Trust, in proceedings of the 2007 Cyber Security and Information Infrastrcture Research Workshop, Oak Ridge Tenessee, May 2007. online

  2. B. Clifford Neuman, Security, Accounting, and Assurance, in The GRID: Blueprint for a New Computing Infrastructure (edited by Kesselman and Foster), Morgan, Kauffman Publishers, 1999. purchase-book.

  3. B. Clifford Neuman. Enabling Commerce on the Internet,IEEE Computer29(4):91-92. April 1996. (invited)

  4. B. Clifford Neuman. Security, Payment, and Privacy for Network Commerce, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 13(8):1523-1531. October 1995. html

  5. B. Clifford Neuman and Gennady Medvinsky. Requirements for Network Payment: The NetCheque Perspective In Proceedings of IEEE COMPCON'95. March 1995. pdf

  6. B. Clifford Neuman, Scale in Distributed Systems, Readings in Distributed Computing Systems, IEEE Computer Society Press, 1994. pdf. purchase-book.

  7. Charlie Lai, Gennady Medvinsky, and B. Clifford Neuman. Endorsements, Licensing, and Insurance for Distributed System Services, In Proceedings of 2nd the ACM Conference on Computer and Communication Security November 1994. pdf

  8. B. Clifford Neuman and Theodore Ts'o. Kerberos: An Authentication Service for Computer Networks, IEEE Communications, 32(9):33-38. September 1994. html

  9. B. Clifford Neuman and Santosh Rao. The Prospero Resource Manager: A scalable framework for processor allocation in distributed systems, Concurrency: Practice and Experience, 6(4):339-355, June 1994.

  10. Gennady Medvinsky and B. Clifford Neuman. Electronic Currency for the Internet, Electronic Markets 3(9/10):23-24, October 1993 (invited). Also appeared in Connexions 8(6):19-23, June 1994. postscript

  11. Gennady Medvinsky and B. Clifford Neuman. NetCash: A design for practical electronic currency on the Internet. In Proceedings of 1st the ACM Conference on Computer and Communication Security. November 1993. pdf

  12. B. Clifford Neuman and Santosh Rao. Resource Management for Distributed Parallel Systems. In Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing, July 1993. compressed postscript

  13. B. Clifford Neuman. Proxy-Based Authorization and Accounting for Distributed Systems. In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, pages 283-291, May 1993. pdf

  14. B. Clifford Neuman. Protection and Security Issues for Future Systems. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Operating Systems of the 90s and Beyond. Dagstuhl Castle, Germany. July 1991.

  15. B. Clifford Neuman. The Need for Closure in Large Distributed Systems. Operating Systems Review, 23(4):28-30, October 1989. (unrefereed) online

  16. B. Clifford Neuman and Wayne Yamamoto. Adding Packet Radio to the Ultrix Kernel. In Proceedings of the Winter 1988 Usenix Conference February, 1988. (slightly revised version available as Technical Report 87-12-07, Department of Computer Science, University of Washington December, 1987.) pdf

  17. B. Clifford Neuman. Packet Radio and IP for the Unix Operating System. In Proceedings of the Sixth ARRL Computer Networking Conference, Redondo Beach, CA. August, 1987.

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