Electronic Payment Systems


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Table of Contents

Electronic Payment Systems

Course-Related Material

Objectives and Syllabus

What Internet Payment is Needed for

Economic Case for Electronic Commerce

Discuss Requirements for Network Payment

Requirements for payment services





Computational Efficiency

Economic Efficiency



Understanding Kinds of Payment Methods

Multiple forms of payment

Secure presentation (and non-secure variant)

Customer registration

Credit-debit instruments

Electronic currency

Server scrip

Direct transfer

Collection agent

Learn What Systems are Available

Some representative systems

Secure socket layer (secure presentation)

Secure Sockets Layer (and TLS)

First Virtual (customer registration)

CyberCash (customer registration)

DigiCash (electronic currency)

Secure Electronic Transactions (SET)

Open Market (collection agent)

Mondex (electronic currency)

PPT Slide

USC/ISI NetCheque� (credit-debit)

PPT Slide

NetCheque representation

NetCheque Payment Instrument

NetCheque security

Clearing the check itself

Clearing funds through multiple servers

Placement of NetCheque servers

CMU�s NetBill (credit-debit)

NetBill protocol

USC/ISI�s NetCash

Anonymous payment using NetCash

Enterprise integration

Integration with banking system

Consider Risks and Discuss Security

The risks of electronic commerce

The risks of electronic commerce

The risks of electronic commerce

Offloading the risks

Technical solutions

Discuss Role and Rewards for Providers

The role of financial service providers

Rewards for financial service providers

Multiple financial service providers

Sharing the risks and rewards

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