Calvin Ardi

[email protected]

University of Southern California


I recently finished my PhD, working with Prof. John Heidemann in the ANT group.


I'm currently working on extending AuntieTuna, an anti-phishing browser extension, by combining local phish detection with data sharing between peers to improve our collective immunity against phishing.

I'm also working on a framework for sharing network security data between multiple organizations for faster and more comprehensive incident response, with a goal of automation and future incident forecasting. This is a collaborative effort with USC/ISI, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Colorado State U.

Prior work entailed developing and evaluating content reuse detection techniques on web-scale datasets, evaluating availability of cloud services and systems, and securing personal cloud applications.

Prior to prior work, I worked on delay-tolerant networks; I continue to keep as updated as I can (and maybe write some code).

Interests include network protocols and analysis, data visualization, information security and privacy, social networks.

Notes and Writing