dataset: amazon ec2 spot price history

Spot price history for Amazon EC2 instances for various regions collected from 2014 to 2015, and 2017 to present.

See Amazon’s documentation.


Use tar and (xz or pixz) to decompress.

If you need the latest data, please see the code to learn how to run and collect the data yourself. The underlying Amazon code provides up to 90 days of historical spot price data.

You can also find the data on Zenodo.


2017-01-13 to present

2014-04-17 to 2015-08-24


cfd794693dbb037d870de22e50f84c6ef8bff61d24cadfb2fc5f3afe9fc688ce  aws-ec2-spot-price-history-2017.tar
27d8bf49a1bc97ffc61e85abfd405ec7965375f56d675093a3b898aebc48780e  aws-ec2-spot-price-history-2018.tar
4d9fee4b674e64757ddbeca8b6579458353e67936ff849d2e06e5be14a676937  aws-ec2-spot-price-history-2019.tar
361f801d20c9de646d911125f51be3c0b70fa71057d262b1bed3da8cc2d6446a  aws-ec2-spot-price-history-2020.tar
16f0d2d5091e6847a3c49f80698a42264cccdddd5611bde9a359f6d2093f97d0  aws-ec2-spot-price-history-2021.tar
9deebd518fbb0c9f1cf63dfc29dbf2cafa48a8ab6f972f3876ff60c9b80b9ea3  aws-ec2-spot-price-history-2014–2015.tpxz


If you use this data in a publication or report, please cite using the following:

Calvin Ardi. Amazon EC2 Spot Price History: 2014--2015, 2017--2021. January 2022.
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5880792. URL:
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