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Aram Galstyan
 CSCI-599: Computation and Physics  
  I taught a new CS-599 class on Computation and Physics jointly with Greg Ver Steeg, in the Spring semester, 2012.  
 Final Project Presentations  
  Avik Adler and Ansuman Adhikary, "MAP Estimation of Multi-channel Hidden Markov Processes", slides  
  Song Nam Hong, "Statistical Physics of Compressed Sensing", slides  
  Amit Choubey, Siddhartha Santra, and Greg Quiroz, "Solving 2-SAT Instances via quantum annealing", slides  
  Zach Levine, "Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) for HMM Parameter Estimation", slides  
  Ching-Yi Lai and Yicong Zheng, "Spin-glass error-correcting codes with quantum decoding", slides