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Aram Galstyan
 Invited Talks  
  Information-Theoretic Measure of Influence for Social Networks  
  Workshop on Structure, Statistical Inference and Dynamics in Networks: From Graphs to Rich Data  
  Santa Fe, NM, May 2013.  
  Information-Theoretic Measures of Influence in Social Media  
  UCSD Complex Network Seminar - Different Angles on Network Complexity, Engineering, and Science (DANCES)  
  San Diego CA, March 2013.  
  Statistical Physics of Hidden Markov Models  
  Seminar at Santa Fe Institute  
  Santa Fe, NM, December 2012.  
  Information-Theoretic Measures of Influence for Social Media  
  Seminar at ISMANS  
  Le Mans, France, November 2012.  
  Modeling and Prediction with Dynamic Networks  
  Invited talk at Twitter  
  San Francisco, CA, February 2012.  
  Statistical Physics of Maximum a Posteriori Estimation of Binary HMMs  
  Invited seminar at the Complexity Sciences Center, UC Davis  
  Davis, CA, June 2011.  
  Modeling Covert Activities with Hidden Markov Processes  
  Invited talk at SIAM CADS Mini-Symposium on Terrorism Modeled as a Dynamical System  
  Snowbird, Utah, May 2009.