The Broader Role of Artificial Intelligence in Large-Scale Science Research

Panel at the Sixteenth Conference on

Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence (IAAI-04)

July 25-29, 2004 in San Jose, California


Many ambitious scientific endeavors are being pursued by shifting from an emphasis on individual efforts to cross-disciplinary and large-scale experimentation and analysis. This panel will convey new directions and opportunities in this area that will challenge the field of Artificial Intelligence in the years to come. Current distributed computing infrastructure supports sharing, managing, and accessing diverse resources such as peta-scale data repositories, high performance computing, sophisticated instruments, remote sensors and data collection facilities, document management and digital libraries, and people with complementary expertise about a phenomenon under study. The panel will discuss how the US National Science Foundation and the UK e-Science program are planning for this future, and present some ongoing work under those and other programs using AI techniques to support large-scale cross-diciplinary scientific research.

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Yolanda Gil

Last updated: July 30, 2004