Andrew Gordon and I are working on a book explicating a fairly large theory of commonsense psychology.  In writing the axioms for the cognitive theories, we used many predicates or concepts from noncognitive background theories.   Having completed a first draft of the cognitive theories, we went back and axiomatized the background theories, in what we hope is a spare and coherent style. These theories cover such phenomena as sets, composite entities, scales, change, causality, time, event structure, and so on.  The sixteen chapters on the background theories are as follows:

B1.  Eventualities and their Structure

B2.  Traditional Set Theory

B3.  Substitution, Typical Elements, and Instances

B4.  Logic Reified

B5.  Functions and Sequences

B6.  Composite Entities

B7.  Defeasibility

B8.  Scales

B9.  Arithmetic

B10.  Change of State

B11.  Causality

B12.  Time

B13.  Event Structure

B14.  Space

B15.  Persons

B16.  Modality

Appendix on First-Order Logic